Weekend Update

Yesterday I dropped Jason off at his office to do some work. My mission was to unload a trunk-full of stuff at Goodwill and run some errands. When I picked Jason up two hours later, he said, “When you left, you had a car full of stuff. Now you have a car full of different stuff.” Progress?

I picked up eight frames on clearance at Michaels, so I can finally make progress on the gallery wall using the black and white prints I had made. Including the Zen Sea Lion:

Sea Lion

Tyler and I cleaned his room for five hours on Saturday. FIVE. HOURS. I was appalled by the sheer volume of trash – gum wrappers, scrap paper, broken pencils, GARBAGE. It was maddening. I made him watch an episode of Hoarders. I don’t think he got it.

With all this recent Lucius news, you might be wondering how Homer is doing (or you might not! I don’t know your life). Homer is still Homer-ing around, doing his Homer thing. We haven’t had any inquiries about adopting him, which is sad for him but OK with me.


He’s such a funny dog. After he thoroughly destroyed his first stuffed animal, we got him a stuffed alligator. He’s opened up a hole in the face and is methodically extracting all the stuffing. He doesn’t bother any of the kids’ stuffed animals, or anything else in the house. He’s a toy monogamist.

With the end of school, and travel, and general busy-ness, I haven’t had time to try many new recipes lately. However, last week I made these Cilantro-Lime-Chicken Tacos using cilantro from my garden, and prior to that I made this Portobello, Asparagus & Prosciutto Pizza.  Both were outstanding. RECOMMEND.




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