Jason’s beagle, Bailey, died in March. He got Bailey as a puppy, when he was in law school, and had her for 14 years.


After her death, Jason swore he would never own another dog again, EVER, because the loss was just too painful. He wouldn’t even consider fostering a second Boston Terrier because he wasn’t ready to love another dog.

Two months went by.

One Saturday in May we were at Tom Brown Park, which happens to be the location of the Leon County animal shelter. Tyler asked if we could go in to pet the kitties and puppies, so we agreed to go. “But we’re NOT getting a dog,” Jason insisted. “I’m not ready.”

You’ll never guess what happened next.


Lucius is a 4-year-0ld chocolate lab, and may be the sweetest dog in all the land. When we took him to one of the meet-and-greet areas at the shelter, he laid his blocky head in Jason’s lap and sighed deeply.

“Um,” Jason said, “I might be ready.”


Lucius is named for my grandfather (NOT LUCIUS MALFOY). When Animal Control picked him up, he weighed 45 lbs. and was covered in ticks. He was not neutered and heartworm positive. The shelter fixed his little red wagon, so to speak, cleared him of ticks, and bulked him up to 58 lbs. He’s put on another 5 since then, and is still slightly underweight. He will begin his heartworm treatment on Monday, and after 8 weeks of crate rest he should be good as new.

He. is. AWESOME.

He’s incredibly laid back, and seems content to lay on the floor in whatever room we’re in. We’ve taught him “sit” and we’re working on “stay.” He gets along with Ron the cat, Homer the dog, and all the kids.


He’s all Lab in the sense that he’s family-oriented, eager to please, and obedient. He is also a total ninja when it comes to food – he snuck a hot dog off the counter without disturbing the plate or the bun. However, he s-u-c-k-s at fetch and hates the water. We’re working on this, too.


I’m so glad we adopted him. He’s been a perfect addition to our family.





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