Blog Every Day in May: The Dark Side

Day 24: Your top 3 worst traits.

I should have asked Jason to guest-post for this one. He gets to see all my worst traits (but still likes to hang out with me, bless his heart).

1. I have an explosive temper, and when I’m angry I tend to say things (OK, scream things) that come back to haunt me. Yes, I have spent the last decade working on this. Yes, it’s better than it used to be. No, I haven’t fixed it. I am generally successful at keeping my anger off Facebook and my blog. If you wouldn’t want it read at your funeral, don’t write it down.

2. I am sometimes paralyzed by a lack of self-esteem. When someone is nice to me, I second-guess it to death. She can’t possibly like me, she’s way too pretty/smart/thin/cool. I get sweaty-palms nervous at the idea of asking someone new to do friend-things, like go to lunch. It’s insane.

3. I worry. I worry about things I can’t control; I worry about things I can control. I over-analyze issues, talk things out with my steering wheel, and generally spend WAY too much time dissecting problems that may or may not be real. Good times.


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3 responses to “Blog Every Day in May: The Dark Side

  1. Jason Taylor

    In all fairness, the temper and the worrying is probably a product of justified frustration based on my actions and your love for me is demonstrated every time you don’t drag me out to the pool and drown me. As for the self-esteem, you are way too pretty/smart/thin/cool, but love me anyhow and inexplicably, and I am grateful. I will just have to (happily) keep trying to convince you of how wonderful you are every day.

    I love you,


    • Krista

      You. Are. Amazing. Don’t ever doubt that. You may feel this way inside, but the Windy that is presented to the world is full of dignity and grace. And a wicked awesome sense of humor. So stop worrying or I will take away your birthday.

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