WIWW: Endless Spring

Usually, spring in Florida is a blink-and-you-miss-it affair. But we’ve had the windows open nonstop for weeks, and it’s glorious.

Also, lest there be any mistake – I am not a clothes person. I participate in WIWW as an accountability measure, not because I think I am any kind of fashion expert! I maybe have like two tips for dressing a pear shape, but otherwise…. I got nothing. I’m just trying to avoid looking vaguely homeless.

pleated poppy

Wednesday: I really like the coral and mint I’m seeing all over Pinterest this spring, but don’t want to look like a giant walking sorbet. So here’s my take on the trend, with leeeetle touches of coral and mint. IMG_7487

I love this necklace. I found it at the Loft Friends & Family sale:

IMG_7488 2

Thursday: This is one of my favorite cardigans ever. It goes with everything. The denim skirt is probably a little casual for most workplaces, but my workplace is….special?


Friday: Another awesome find from the Loft F&F event. This dress is super comfortable (it’s made out of polo shirt fabric) and fun. I need to punch another hole in that belt so it sits up at my actual waist.


Monday: Regular old work outfit. See, sometimes I do look office-appropriate. And squinty. Always squinty.


Sorry for the phone photo, but I was running late. Please note Jason’s seersucker suit, because he is a gentleman:


Have a lovely week!


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