Famous Last Words, Home Improvement Edition

It was supposed to be a simple weekend project.

No one’s ever said THAT before, have they? Didn’t think so.

Our house has hurricane shutters on the exterior of the sunroom. They were in sore need of re-painting.


The plan was simple:

1. Remove hurricane shutters.

2. Pressure wash.

3. Paint.

4. Re-hang.

Steps 1 and 2 went fairly swimmingly. Jason enjoyed the pressure-washing so much that he went ahead and cleaned the driveway and sidewalks.


We hit a snag at Step 3. We bought seven cans of Valspar’s outdoor spray paint and got to work. But the wood was so dry from long sun exposure it simply sucked in the paint and asked for more. We would have used all seven cans on one side of one shutter.

Ruh roh.

I asked Facebook if anyone had a paint sprayer we could borrow, and lo and behold, our friends came through. We returned the unused cans of spray paint and bought a gallon of the same color.

Shutters 3

After that the painting was much easier, although part of our yard now looks like the Smurf Killing Fields.


Jason also now has a dedicated Painting Outfit. Good times.

The shutters, however, look FANTASTIC.


They even look great from inside the sunroom, and give the light in there a nice cool quality.


To sum up: This project ended up taking a week to complete, and cost about $50.  The generosity of friends is invaluable – if we’d had to rent or buy a pressure washer and paint sprayer, the cost would be significantly higher.

And here’s the B&A…..


214644_12 2


Shutters 5

I love the pop of color. They even match the pool liner, which I didn’t realize until they were installed. Bonus!

This was another project that’s been on our radar since we bought the house, and it was tremendously satisfying to finally check it off. Don’t worry, though – there’s always more to do around the house. Joys of Home Ownership, Chapter 3495723409587.




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