WIWW: Springy

I think we’re pretty firmly in “spring” territory down here. This weekend I packed up my heated mattress pad (which, honestly, is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. Takes the chill right out of the bed in the winter. I turn it on about 5 minutes before bedtime, and turn it off when I crawl in. Heaven.).

pleated poppy

Wednesday: My hair is not, in reality, massively uneven. Honest.

This falls squarely in the category of Good Work Outfit – nothing terribly exciting, but it’s clean and doesn’t itch. Moving on.


Thursday: Better work outfit! I paired my knit blazer with my favorite summer dress. It was knitastic.


Friday: Fun with Scarves. I love this scarf, but it’s enormously fluffy. When I try to wear it infinity-style, it looks like I’m being eaten. Or birthed. Either way, it’s not good. Tying it at the bottom weighs it down and tames it.


Sunday I did something completely daring. I wore a hat IN PUBLIC. And by “in public” I mean “to Lowe’s.” I love hats, but lack the courage of my convictions to wear them. But they’re so useful (see how my eyes are shaded? Genius!), and cute.


And back to work on Monday. I love this shirt, because it’s colorful and light and screams SPRING, but I hate it because I have to iron it every time I wear it. Lame.


Have a lovely week!


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  1. i really love your blazer and dress together!


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