WIWW: No Sleep Til Brooklyn

By which I mean, “no days off until Memorial Day, which feels like approximately forever from now.”

pleated poppy

Thursday: When in doubt, accessorize with cats.IMG_7322

Friday we had a half day at work, so I broke all the rules and wore jeans. In fact, these jeans started life as boot-cuts, but I DIYed them into straight-cut jeans using this wonderfully simple tutorial from Domestic Ingenuity.

(As an aside, what makes jeans “Jeans” for purposes of the work dress code? The black corduroys above are cut like jeans – with rivets and everything – but are not jeans. Most of my denim pants are cut like trousers, with no rivets or back pockets. It’s very confusing.)


Saturday night we dressed up a little bit for Easter dinner:

IMG_7342 2

Tuesday I wore a legitimately spring-y outfit. I bought this dress years ago and still love it. So easy.


Have a lovely week!



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2 responses to “WIWW: No Sleep Til Brooklyn

  1. Lisa

    Love the accessory in the first picture! And all your outfits look GREAT !

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