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Famous Last Words, Home Improvement Edition

It was supposed to be a simple weekend project.

No one’s ever said THAT before, have they? Didn’t think so.

Our house has hurricane shutters on the exterior of the sunroom. They were in sore need of re-painting.


The plan was simple:

1. Remove hurricane shutters.

2. Pressure wash.

3. Paint.

4. Re-hang.

Steps 1 and 2 went fairly swimmingly. Jason enjoyed the pressure-washing so much that he went ahead and cleaned the driveway and sidewalks.


We hit a snag at Step 3. We bought seven cans of Valspar’s outdoor spray paint and got to work. But the wood was so dry from long sun exposure it simply sucked in the paint and asked for more. We would have used all seven cans on one side of one shutter.

Ruh roh.

I asked Facebook if anyone had a paint sprayer we could borrow, and lo and behold, our friends came through. We returned the unused cans of spray paint and bought a gallon of the same color.

Shutters 3

After that the painting was much easier, although part of our yard now looks like the Smurf Killing Fields.


Jason also now has a dedicated Painting Outfit. Good times.

The shutters, however, look FANTASTIC.


They even look great from inside the sunroom, and give the light in there a nice cool quality.


To sum up: This project ended up taking a week to complete, and cost about $50.  The generosity of friends is invaluable – if we’d had to rent or buy a pressure washer and paint sprayer, the cost would be significantly higher.

And here’s the B&A…..


214644_12 2


Shutters 5

I love the pop of color. They even match the pool liner, which I didn’t realize until they were installed. Bonus!

This was another project that’s been on our radar since we bought the house, and it was tremendously satisfying to finally check it off. Don’t worry, though – there’s always more to do around the house. Joys of Home Ownership, Chapter 3495723409587.



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Fursday Homer Update

Yesterday, the rescue was contacted by people claiming to be Homer’s prior owners. They sent photos of their dog, Stew, for comparison.





I carefully compared the markings in the pictures. See the unusual pattern on the dog’s right leg? Identical. You can also clearly see the damaged right eye in both photos (my photo of Homer on the left, submitted photo of Stew on the right):


I’m not a professional dog identifier, but I’d say it’s the same animal.


The City of Tallahassee’s animal control ordinance states that after a five-day hold at the animal shelter, any animal picked up by Animal Control becomes the property of the City. So the owners do not have any legal right to this dog.

Additionally, the rescue called the dog’s prior vet. He’d not been seen since 2010, and not had heartworm medication since 2008. The prior owners said that the dog had gotten out several times, and on one occasion was hit by a car (which injured his right eye).

The rescue lady told me that the prior owners did not necessarily want to re-claim or re-adopt their dog, but just wanted to know that he was safe.

Which he is.

It’s helpful to have a more complete veterinary history on Homer, and I’m glad that his prior owners know he’s OK. Hopefully his future owner is looking at his Petfinder profile right this minute. Wish him luck.


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WIWW: Pool Season

The children have kicked off pool season by freezing their tails off in the still-chilly water. I usually don’t brave the pool until Memorial Day.

pleated poppy

This week I tried another Pinterest copycat look. Here is the original, from “What Would a Nerd Wear”:

And here is my take:


I swapped out the pink button-down for a tank, because it was hot last week, and yes, I did wear shoes.

Saturday I took advantage of the Loft Friends & Family sale, which was filled with cute summer items.

Like this skirt and sunwashed tee:


I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this black-and-white linen skirt on heavy rotation this summer. Also, I heart the combination of the light teal tee with the darker teal wedge.

I also got this navy-and-teal dressy tee on clearance. HUZZAH:


Have a lovely week!

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WIWW: Hiatus

Why hello there.

pleated poppy

This week I only took one photograph. I decided to make it extra special by pointing at something. IMG_7409

Lace tee and wedges: Target

Skirt and necklace: Loft

Have a lovely week.


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Day Trip: USS Alabama

Over the weekend, Tyler’s cub scout pack went on a trip to the USS Alabama, a WWII-era battleship that now resides in Mobile Bay.

I have to admit, it was much cooler than I expected.IMG_7434

It hasn’t been modernized/updated/changed much since its days in active service. There are no staircases, no elevators, and very few added safety features like handrails and fences.

However, this means that you can really experience the ship as it was during World War II, which is really neat.


The tour offered is self-guided and easy to follow. It takes you all over the ship, from the upper tower down to the engine rooms, and lasts about two hours.


The engine room – kind of terrifying. So many things for little boys to test.

There are plenty of other things to see at the park – the submarine USS Drum and various aircraft.


My favorite part was the fact that the kids could actually touch things. And by “touch things” I mean “pretend to shoot each other.”

IMG_7459 2

If you’re thinking about touring the Alabama, here are some pros and cons:

On the one hand……

1. It’s easy to get to, just a few hundred feet from I-10.

2. It’s an “authentic” WWII-era experience. You really get a feel for what life aboard the battleship would have been like.

3. It’s very hands-on, which makes it fun for families. The self-guided tour lets you explore at your own pace.

On the other hand……

1. The ladders and narrow passages can be challenging for families with small children, or anyone who has mobility issues. On the other hand, if the weather is nice, there is plenty to see on the wooden deck of the ship.

2. See #2 above. This can go both ways. The interior lighting is dim and there aren’t many creature comforts.

3. If you’re bad at following directions, the self-guided tour may be a challenge.


I would definitely recommend this trip to individuals and families with older kids. The battleship allows Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to spend the night onboard (but not together!).

This is a nice-weather activity, but might be a bit brutal in the middle of summer. The breeze from the bay helps.


The sunsets aren’t bad, either.

Sunset 2


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Fursday Homer Update

Homer got his stitches out on Saturday morning, and he’s a much happier pup.

IMG_7388 2

He’s back to eating regular food and being tormented by the cat.


And napping. Lots of napping.


See his little eyelashes on his left eye? I love those.

He’s still sporting a bit of a bald spot where Dr. Bevis had to shave his face for surgery, but once it grows in the missing eye should be barely noticeable. Thanks, convenient dog breed markings!

The rescue group has requested photos to put on his Petfinder ad, so again, if you have any interest in this laid-back boy, let me know.

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WIWW: Springy

I think we’re pretty firmly in “spring” territory down here. This weekend I packed up my heated mattress pad (which, honestly, is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. Takes the chill right out of the bed in the winter. I turn it on about 5 minutes before bedtime, and turn it off when I crawl in. Heaven.).

pleated poppy

Wednesday: My hair is not, in reality, massively uneven. Honest.

This falls squarely in the category of Good Work Outfit – nothing terribly exciting, but it’s clean and doesn’t itch. Moving on.


Thursday: Better work outfit! I paired my knit blazer with my favorite summer dress. It was knitastic.


Friday: Fun with Scarves. I love this scarf, but it’s enormously fluffy. When I try to wear it infinity-style, it looks like I’m being eaten. Or birthed. Either way, it’s not good. Tying it at the bottom weighs it down and tames it.


Sunday I did something completely daring. I wore a hat IN PUBLIC. And by “in public” I mean “to Lowe’s.” I love hats, but lack the courage of my convictions to wear them. But they’re so useful (see how my eyes are shaded? Genius!), and cute.


And back to work on Monday. I love this shirt, because it’s colorful and light and screams SPRING, but I hate it because I have to iron it every time I wear it. Lame.


Have a lovely week!

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