Fursday Homer Update

The rescue organization through which I am fostering Homer decided that they would like to have his “dead” eye removed. It was shriveled and gray, and they were concerned that it would be more susceptible to infection if it remained in his head.IMG_6531

So last Friday we took him to Dr. Luke Bevis at Bevis Veterinary Hospital to have it removed. Homer was a total champ through the surgery, and was able to go home the same day, with antibiotics and painkillers.


He was a sleepy Frankenpup for the rest of the weekend, but we’ve cut back on the pain meds and he’s perked up. He also likes having a cold rice buddy put on his eye.

IMG_7286 2

The incision appears to be healing well; he’s had minimal swelling and zero drainage. He’s unable to eat hard kibble, as the crunching vibrates the eye socket area. (Ouch!) The vet told me to mix the kibble with hot water and a bit of peanut butter, which works like a charm. I hope he doesn’t get used to such fancy feasts!


The stitches will come out after two weeks, and hopefully his face hair will grow back shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, the kids are working on a collection of bedazzled eyepatches for him. Yarrr!!


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One response to “Fursday Homer Update

  1. Robyn

    I wish you could keep him…

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