WIWW: And Now For Something Completely Different

This week, I dressed in nothing but sartorial interpretations of my torrid love affair with cheese.

pleated poppy

Wait, that’s not right.

This week I stopped pinning potential outfits I loved, and actually made a few happen. In real life, y’all.

First Attempt: This was my inspiration (uncredited photo of a headless person):

The elements: black sheath dress (or skirt and top? hard to tell), belt, chunky necklace, bright cardigan, black heels.

Seriously, a hamster could put together this outfit. I bet you have it in your closet right now.

Here’s what I came up with:

IMG_7257 2

Ermahgerd, I’m a model!

And then, later in the week, I DID IT AGAIN.

Second attempt: Here’s the inspiration:

Elements: chambray shirt, belt, black pants, headlessness

And my version:


Did you see that? How I put a chambray shirt with black pants? It’s like I’m some kind of WIZARD.

I am still perplexed by the half-tucked-in shirt thing. But I tried it. Because my co-workers could not care less what I look like.

And because maybe the third time’s the charm….

Third attempt: Inspiration, from Work Clothes, I Suppose:

Elements: Gray skirt, striped tee, yellow cardigan, black heels, long necklace.

And now, my turn:


Have a lovely week!


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