WIWW: Camptastic

The allergy fog persists, but we soldier on.

pleated poppy

My friend Nina had her birthday last week. She celebrated in grand style, ending up facedown on the kitchen floor, wearing nothing but a pink tutu, birthday sash, and festive hat. We should all party so hard.

IMG_7113 2

This was Thursday. Last week one of the WIWW posts I visited showed a belt over a shirt, but under a cardigan, so I decided to try that. It was reasonably successful! I should have put Homer in a matching pink cardigan so we could be twinsies, right? Right.


Saturday: When camping, one gets points for survival, not style. Although it does help to have adorable 9-year-old accessories.

IMG_7193 2

Monday: Initially, I wore this tee/cardigan combination with a black sleeveless dress, but I looked like a kindergartener. So I ditched the dress and added teal pants. As one will.


Homer appears to approve.

Have a lovely week!


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One response to “WIWW: Camptastic

  1. I think your camping outfit is actually pretty cute! And your sweet puppy is adorable!

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