WIWW: March Happened.

So after a week of rain, we had a week of pollen (which means a week of Claritin!)

pleated poppy

Wednesday: I love this dress. It’s comfortable, fits well, and best of all it’s PURPLE. I was feeling pretty good about my ensemble until I went to the doctor’s. The nurse complimented my necklace, and asked where I got it. I told her Loft, and she said, “Oh! My mom shops there all the time.” Siiiigh.

Dress: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Loft, where moms shop
Wedges: Target


Thursday: My allergies were kiiiiilling meeee. I needed a miracle….shirt.

Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Outlet
Cords: Loft
Flats: Target



Gross: We’re in love.

Extra Gross: And we match. AGAIN. Sheesh. Actually, Jason is wearing the denim shirt I bought from the boy’s section (it’s a boy’s XL, which apparently correlates to a men’s medium?). Glad someone’s wearing it!

Shirt: Target
Scarf: Loft
Khakis: Dockers


Monday: It was cold! I bought this ponte knit blazer over the weekend (It’s Target’s Finest) and I love it. The stretch in the shoulders makes it super comfortable.

Lace tee, blazer: Target
Cowl: Peru
Pants: Ann Taylor


And Tuesday it was STILL COLD, but getting better. I decided I needed some color in my week.

Sweater, scarf: Banana Republic outlet
Skirt: Old Navy


Have a lovely week.


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