Goofy Boogers

So the children are now 12 (Hollyn), 9.5 (Tyler) and 9.0 (Jensen). They’ve all changed considerably in the five years that Jason and I have been together.

IMG_6890 2

Hollyn is now 5’2″ and buys clothes from the junior’s section – much to Jason’s chagrin. She is into hairbows and Instagram and music (and, occasionally, pink fuzzy mustaches).IMG_7024 2

Tyler is almost as tall as Hollyn, and still loves Legos more than anything. He’s currently reading “The Two Towers” and will talk your ear off about Middle Earth.

IMG_7013 2

Jensen loves her gymnastics classes and all things Hunger Games. She is also on a quest to wear all the trends at the same time.

IMG_6990 2

The one thing that hasn’t changed, other than their collective love of tormenting the animals with their affection, is their enjoyment of each other’s company. I am still amazed by how well they get along.

IMG_6986 2

This is what dinner looks like at my house. Every. Night. Well, every night that they’re all together.

IMG_6977 2

Sometimes, they laugh so hard they can’t eat.

Those are my favorite nights.

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