Fursday Homer Update

Our boy Homer went back to the eye specialist yesterday, and the news was mixed.

On the one hand, the eye has healed very well. All the structures (optic nerve, retina, iris) are intact and in good shape. He’s clearly not in any pain and behaves like a normal dog.

On the other hand, he still can’t see. His eye reacts to light, but he has almost no vision. The specialist is not sure why. Current theories include a previous episode of glaucoma.

IMG_6868 2

The vet drastically reduced his medication regimen. He was receiving 2 sets of drops and two ointments, five minutes apart, four times a day (take a minute to do the math on that). Now he’s on one set of drops, 2-3 times a day, which is so much more manageable. He’ll stay on those for another month and then be DONE WITH DRUGS.

IMG_6881 2

It may be that the eye just needs a little more time to regain vision, or it may be that Homer has reached maximum medical improvement. Either way, he’s a sweet dog who has been very patient with his veterinary journey.

IMG_6872 2

People have asked me, “If he’s so awesome, why are you just fostering him?” Honestly, if he had sufficient vision to take backyard potty breaks unsupervised, I’d keep him in a heartbeat. But even on a leash, he has a terrible habit of falling into the pool. It’s only happened twice, but I can’t take the risk that it will happen again. So whenever he goes outside, into our fully-fenced back yard, he’s on a leash. Which is fine…. unless it’s raining. Or cold. Or hot. Or you’re trying to do anything else inside.

But yeah, we love him. How could anyone resist such a little gentleman?

IMG_6876 2

Parenthetically, can I tell you how hard it is to photograph a blind dog? I used Kevin & Amanda’s tutorial on action shots (because Homer rarely stands still), but when I try to get his attention, he turns his ear towards me, not his face. Bless his heart.



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6 responses to “Fursday Homer Update

  1. Poor Homer. We will keep him in our prayers! Just found your blog; can’t wait to read through it. We have 2 Bostons; one is a puppy mill mama. We also have a rescued Rat Terrier who runs this joint LOL

  2. He’s such a cute dog!!!! I really hope his vision improves fully soon. I have a Pug-Pekingese mix who keeps me busy since I dont have a fenced in yard I have to take her out on a leash for her potty breaks. Needless to say on days like today when its cold and rainy I hate having a dog without having a fence.

  3. Donna

    Your pretty awesome Windy and so is Homer!

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