WIWW: Februwhat?

And yet, here we are.

pleated poppy

Wednesday dawned gray and windy, with a 50% chance of rain. Sweater from Target, khakis from Dockers Metro.


By Thursday the temperature was back in the “winter-adjacent” category, so I busted out my favorite thrift store find, a raspberry velvet blazer, to go with my gray cords from Loft and my striped tee from Target.


Friday: Pintucked shirt from Old Navy, red bead necklace from Mexico, teal pants from Target, and the skinny celadon belt came with the pants. I love cute bonus belts.


I even tied the belt in a knot, like the cool kids do. I am DANGEROUSLY FANCY.

Friday afternoon I got a haircut (yeay!) and washed this shirt with someone’s dark-rinse jeans (boo!).

Sunday I wore this to church, lunch, cub scout committee meeting, and officer training (for church). Loft trouser jeans, Ann Taylor button-down, Goodwill blazer.

IMG_6858 2

I even threw on some of my grandmother’s earrings:


Monday I once again wore my favorite pink shirt, but discovered that the shirttail is not really long enough to stay tucked in all day. I can live with that. Shirt from Brooks Brothers, sweater from Ann Taylor, cords from Loft.


Tuesday I took a chance on this sweater/scarf combo, but I kinda like it. Cardigan and navy trousers from Loft, scarf from Banana Republic outlet.


Also you can see my new long bangs. I’m still adjusting, but I think I like them.

Have a lovely week!



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2 responses to “WIWW: Februwhat?

  1. Love the blazers in your outfits and your grandmothers earrings are awesome.

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