WIWW: 1/30/2013

Whoosh! That’s the sound of January, almost gone.

pleated poppy

Wednesday: I originally paired this Loft dress with these fleece-lined tights and a black cardigan, but Jason said it was too much black. So I swapped it out for this ruffled cardigan, also from Loft. Better!


Thursday: I wore the Brooks Brothers Miracle Shirt again, and fell even more in love. That sucker came out of the dryer looking fabulous, and was even more comfortable with the second wear. I want one in every color. Here’s hoping for a massive sale that can make it happen. Paired with pink Target cardigan and black Loft cords.


Friday: Do not adjust your monitor. Those are ORANGE stripes. Top from Loft, khakis by Dockers Metro. I don’t know if Jason intentionally matched his bow tie to my shirt.


Monday I paired black-and-white tweed trousers with a black tank and an open-knit cardigan. The high on Monday was 76.IMG_6841

Tuesday, high of 82 degrees. IN JANUARY. I wore this mustard boatneck from the Banana Republic outlet, a brown tweed skirt from Target, and wedges from Payless. And then I sweated a lot.


I also wore my llama money necklace! And remembered to take a picture of it! (In Peru, their dollar, or Sol, features a llama on one side. I got a Sol and a Half Sol, and put them on one necklace. You can see the llama-legs on the bigger coin.)


Have a lovely week!



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3 responses to “WIWW: 1/30/2013

  1. lifeasmrsburnett

    Cute Outfits Windy! Love the blue dress in outfit #1! And 82 degrees, thats just nuts!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. love the different color cardigans!

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