Citrus Vinegar

Several years ago I was converted to the awesome cleaning power of vinegar (usually with its trusty sidekick, baking soda). I’ve used vinegar solutions for years to keep my shower sparkly, my drains clear, and my coffee maker gunk-free.

But, let’s face it: plain white vinegar is not the most pleasant smell in the world. So when I saw this tutorial for Citrus Infused Vinegar, I got very interested (pinterested, even) indeed.


I frequently use fresh lemon juice for cooking, so the next time I needed one, I saved the peels. I threw them in a (used, but clean) spaghetti sauce jar, covered them with vinegar, closed the jar and stuck it in the back of the pantry.


Through the magic of the internet, two weeks passed in the time it took you to read this sentence!

The tutorial didn’t specify how one should strain the mixture, so I used a small mesh strainer and a coffee filter.


The mixture smelled really good! I was pleasantly surprised. I forgot to use the soggy peels as a garbage disposal cleaner, but definitely will next time.

I poured the citrus vinegar into an empty Method bottle, and I was done!


This project was super-easy, took very little time, and (best of all) was totally free. I was already using the lemons for cooking, I buy vinegar by the gallon, and I have a stash of glass jars and empty spray bottles. The tutorial has several recommended uses for the citrus vinegar, in addition to the ones I mentioned above.

I think I’ll start another batch tonight. I can see this disappearing quickly.


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