Another Homer Update

Homer went back to the eye specialist yesterday for a check-up.Vet

He was MUCH more gentlemanly with the staff, and did not have to be muzzled.

Well done, sir.

The vet said Homer’s eye has improved significantly in the last week. The swelling has gone down, the eye is less cloudy, and – most exciting! – Homer is starting to respond to visual stimuli. By which I mean, when the vet waved a flashlight across Homer’s face, the eye responded. That doesn’t mean he can see, per se, but it’s a good sign.


We’re going to keep him on his current regimen (two eye drops and two eye ointments, four times a day) for the next 2-3 weeks, and the eye specialist will re-check him on February 6. At that point, the vet should be able to visualize Homer’s retina, which he hasn’t been able to do yet.

Keep on healing, Homer!



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