WIWW: Slithery Dee

I don’t necessarily MIND living in a mild climate, but I long to layer. And layering just isn’t happening.

pleated poppy

Wednesday (LAST Wednesday), I paired this knit button-down with a dark brown corduroy skirt. And teal wedges, because I’m Southern and like colors.


Thursday: Trouser jeans, neutral cardigan. The necklace has purple beads, and the flats are also purple. Because COLORS.


Friday: Dolman-sleeve sweater, black pants, gray and white pearl necklace.


Saturday! I remembered to take a picture! Jason took me out to breakfast, and then we ran errands. Later we saw “The Hobbit” with Tyler and my friend Caroline.


Sunday: Church.


Monday: Back to work. Camel-and-white cardigan, navy trousers, brown boots.


Have a lovely week!



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4 responses to “WIWW: Slithery Dee

  1. mrsburnett22

    Cute! I’m lovin that ruffled cardigan and your yellow button down shirt! This weather is nuts! it’s been like 10 degrees for days and today it’s going to be 55! Crazy.

  2. Windy Taylor

    The yellow button-down is SO SOFT. It’s knit, like a t-shirt.


  3. I am loooovin’ that ruffly cardigan!!
    Also, I wanted to reply to your comment about the woes of self-timer usage. I feel so ridiculous the entire time, haha. My neighbors probably think I am either totally narcissistic or completely insane. Probably doesn’t help that I laugh out loud to myself the whole time.

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