Treasure Hunting

At my father’s funeral, one of his friends noted that the only reason he chose to be a wills/trusts/probate attorney was so that he could get a heads-up on the good estate sales. So I guess it’s fate, or DNA at work, that I now find myself trekking to estate sales on a regular basis. I am fortunate that Tyler and Jason enjoy them as much as I do.

I find them fascinating – why did she keep that? why did he collect those? 

If we do buy something at an estate sale, it’s with a sense of respect. I enjoy knowing that an object belonged to someone else, was loved by someone else, and it has come to us for safekeeping. I feel like a steward, rather than an owner, of my furniture.

This weekend we had two major scores at one estate sale we visited.

First, this chair for the family room. Words cannot express how comfortable it is.


Approximately five seconds after this picture was taken, Ron claimed the chair for his own and has not left it since. Good while it lasted, right?

Jason discovered this breakfront, and we decided to adopt it.


It replaces an ugly-but-roomy buffet that did not fit the feel of the room or the space on the wall.

The best part? The top drawer folds down to reveal a desk:


(Crouching Tiger, Hidden Secretary)

Sometimes, you get a bonus from the estate sale gods. Jason found this gem at the back of a drawer:


It’s a “Mini-Nutrition Counter” from Family Circle, and it looks like it was published in the 1970s or 1980s. Apparently people were thinner then, or had hollow bones:


I am 5’7″. According to this pamphlet, I should weigh 126 lbs, and I should be able to maintain that weight eating almost 1900 calories a day.


We’re thrilled with the results of our treasure hunt. The plan is to restore the finish on the breakfront, and the chair may or may not be my first re-upholstering experiment.

Happy hunting!








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