Friday Homer Update

Homer visited the eye specialist on Wednesday. Let me tell you something – if you want to see a group of people who love their animals, visit a veterinary specialist’s office. One woman drove all the way from Panama City (2.5 hours) for the specialist to replace her dog’s contact lenses.

Yes, you read that right.

Homer was a little anxious in the waiting room, and got uppity with some of the other dogs. Things took a turn for the worse when we went to the exam room.

When the vet tech walked in, Homer’s status went from “anxious” to “STEP THE F*CK BACK, LADY.” He growled! He barked! He snapped! He was literally a different dog. I don’t know if she was covered in freaked-out-animal-pheremones, or what, but Homer was very upset. She ended up having to recruit another tech to muzzle him for the exam.

Poor Homer. It turns out it’s quite tricky to put a muzzle on a dog with basically no nose.

Homer Muzzle

As soon as she left, he calmed down and almost looked apologetic.

The vet examined him and said his eye is healing nicely. The ulceration on the surface has healed over, but since it went so deep, the underlying layers of his eye are extremely fragile right now. The slightest trauma, even pulling on a neck collar too strongly, could re-rupture the eye – which would mean the end of Homer’s chances at sight.

The vet gave us two options:

Option 1: Continue to medically manage him (no surgery). If his eye continues to heal, and he doesn’t re-injure it, he should regain some sight. However, if he does re-injure the eye, he will likely lose it for good.

Option 2: Perform a conjunctival graft. This would add structural support to the eye, which decreases his chances of re-injuring the eye. However, it adds scar tissue in the eye, so he would have more vision impairment.

For now, the vet added a topical antibiotic and an ointment to his eye regimen, and also mandated this:

Homer Cone 1


His eye must be protected from accidental bumps and injuries of any kind, so he has to wear this when he’s not in his crate. Lucky for us, he doesn’t seem to mind (although this picture seems to say otherwise!).

He hasn’t quite figured out how to eat with the cone, so I let him out of it twice a day for feedings and a little stuffed animal time:


Homer returns to the specialist on Wednesday. If the rescue decides to proceed with the surgery, he’ll have it done then. Otherwise, we’ll keep watching and waiting for his sight to come back. Fingers crossed!


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