WIWW: One, Two, Skip a Few

I didn’t post last week. I wish I had a better excuse, but all that time off work made me completely forget the days of the week.

But I’m back now. And that counts for something. Right? Right.

pleated poppy

Thursday: I channeled my inner equestrian. This pink shirt is my new absolute favorite. It’s the “Non-Iron Tailored Fit Dress Shirt with XLA,” aka “The Miracle Shirt,” from Brooks Brothers. I have to say, after wearing it all day, I must concur with the miraculous designation. It was comfortable, breathable, stayed blessedly wrinkle-free, and best of all, it was 50% off. YES. The navy cardigan is J. Crew via Urban Thread, and has tiny horse heads and crowns on the buttons.

IMG_6440 2

Bonus close-up of the preppy bits: The pink button down! The navy merino cardigan! The pearls!


Friday: My dear friend Amy tied me down and FORCED me to buy this sweater at the Banana Republic outlet, after informing me that it “screamed Windy.”


(Do you hear it screaming?)

Sweater: BR outletNavy trousers: Loft

Monday: Jason is not normally a fan of this neckline (“It looks like the sweater is giving birth to your head”) but he liked this sweater from Target. Black cords from Loft.


Tuesday: I bought this scarf at the Banana Republic outlet (along with the yellow sweater above). And, now that I think about it, the colors for our wedding were deep teal and apple green…. Hey, at least I’m consistent.


We’re also celebrating the Return of the Orange Chicken, seen at left.

Why, yes, I have been playing with the hot rollers my mom gave me for Christmas.


Some of the ends are, to use a technical term, “janked up,” but otherwise I feel much more confident in my hot-rolling ability.

Have a lovely week!



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2 responses to “WIWW: One, Two, Skip a Few

  1. mrsburnett22

    Love that yellow sweater and your curly hair.. wish mine would do that!

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