Homer Update

Homer has now been with us for three weeks! Hooray!

After his first vet visit, he was given three twice-daily pills (an antibiotic and two painkillers) and three multiple-times-per-day eye drops. As of this morning, he is done with the antibiotics and not taking any more pain medication, and seems to be quite comfortable. He still has to endure the eye drops, and somehow (pet ESP?) knows juuuust when to move his head when I’m trying to instill them. He’s been back to the vet for two re-checks, and has a clean bill of health.

Because of his saggy eyes, he has a bit of the droopy dog look about him all the time:IMG_6450

That blue stuffed crab is his favorite toy. He curls up with it in the family room every day.

Homer is a very well-mannered dog. He does not bark when the doorbell rings, and loves meeting new people. He still bumps into walls and furniture, but he’s getting used to his surroundings. He tolerates bath time like a champ.

He also makes an excellent guinea pig when I want to try new photography skills:


As you can see, his left eye still looks pretty rough. But he has an appointment with a veterinary eye specialist on Wednesday, who will be able to tell us whether the sight in this eye can be saved. Wish Homer luck!




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