Make it so, Number One.

New Year’s Resolutions, for me, tend to become a broken record – Lose (XX) Pounds, Be a Better Parent/Spouse/Child, CLEAN ALL THE THINGS.

So my first resolution for 2013 is this: Make peace with the fact that “Be Valedictorian of Everything!” is neither reasonable, nor healthy, nor sane.

My second resolution is this: Adhere more closely to William Morris’ instruction, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Our previous house was only 1100 square feet, and our current house is more than twice that big. It’s taken us just over a year to fill it to a level that can be described as “comfortably full” – i.e., everything can be put away for company without too much fuss. But some of the things we’ve hung on to just boggle the mind. For example, in the hall closet is a king-size feather bed (it goes on top of the mattress but under the sheets), which I bought many years ago. For one thing, we don’t own a king-size bed. For another…. no. You know what? The first thing is enough. NO BED.

On to number three: EXECUTE. I am super-awesome at making plans and lists. I have a hard time taking the first step.

Number four: Continue to take better care of this old bag of bones. Towards the end of 2012, I had my first dermatologist appointment as an adult. I grew up in Florida, in an era where sunscreen was optional, and played outdoor sports like swimming and rowing. Luckily, my skin checked out fine, but it needs to be monitored. I also bought eye cream in December – another first.

And finally, number five: I am a worrier. I worry about things I can control; I worry about things I can’t control. It’s toxic and unhelpful. Less fretting! More concrete steps to address the sources of anxiety! (See also: resolution 2)

Here’s to 2013.

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