WIWW: Have Yourself a Zen Christmas

And good luck with that.

pleated poppy

I failed in epic fashion this week – I forgot to take pictures on Friday AND Monday. And Friday’s outfit was cute, I promise.

Thursday. I love this sweater, but am beginning to think it makes me look matronly or hobo-esque. Hm.IMG_6466

Mayhap I should not have paired it with witch-adjacent shoes.

Friday placeholder shot, in which Tyler practices for his own WIWW posts:


So stylish! I love that kid.

Tuesday I did much better:


I used to haaaate wearing red, because I have rosacea and thought it was adding insult to injury, but this cashmere sweater/vest is nice.

And today I tried something new:


Gray cords, gray and white stripe tee, deep pink cardigan, flower pin of my own creation. I am very  happy with this one.

Update on Homer, the blind foster dog: Homer is doing really well! He’s now comfortable wandering around most of the house, and we’ve learned that he tolerates baths and the vacuum cleaner like a champ. The vet wants him to see a doggie eye specialist, but that won’t happen until after Christmas. He’s on several different eye and pain medications, so he’s a happy pup.

Homer 6

Have a lovely week!

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