Amateur Sewing Night: Stockings Edition

I want to enjoy sewing, much in the same way that I want to enjoy running. But I find both activities very stressful, because I’m not naturally good at either of them. And yet I press on in both endeavors.

At least with the sewing I’m seeing some improvement.

Over the weekend I finally made everyone Christmas stockings. And when I say “finally” I mean “because I have intended to do so since Christmas 2007.” The problem was that I wanted to make everyone The Most Amazing Christmas Stockings of All Time, and yet lacked the time/skill/materials to do so. Once I scaled back my expectations, it was relatively easy. And, it turns out, free.

Back in 2004 I bought many, many yards a Waverly green toile and a Waverly green ticking stripe. I was going to “do something” with it, one day. Yes, this is the unofficial motto of hoarders everywhere. But now I’ve actually done something! Good thing I schlepped all that yardage through three moves.

I used this tutorial, which I found on Pinterest. I omitted the batting and the lining, because I didn’t have any. I decided to make the kids’ stockings with a stripe body and toile cuff, and the adults’ stockings the opposite.


The first one….. took some time. The cuff was way too big, and I had to rip out the seam and re-do it. But in about an hour, I had a reasonable-looking stocking. I used some red grosgrain ribbon I had on hand for the hanger.


The next four were comparatively easy, and I think I finished the last one in about fifteen minutes.


Then it was time to hang them up!


This would be a good time to go over the mantel I put together. I shamelessly stole, er, borrowed this idea (covering a foam board with holiday fabric) for displaying Christmas cards. Yes, that is more of the same green ticking fabric. The garland was free – a neighbor was getting rid of it, and I scooped it up. After wrapping it with a string of C7 lights I already had, I added a set of Christmas cookie cutters, purchased last year to make salt dough ornaments, and a tube of shatterproof shiny balls, purchased last year on clearance after Christmas.


I finished it by shopping my house, and came up with the candlesticks and a green pineapple finial. Total cost was $4.50 for the foam board.


It’s not mind-blowing, but it’s mine and it’s DONE.



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  1. Robyn

    I love the stockings! Great pattern, too.

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