Date Night

I’ve always had mixed feelings about “date night.” While I certainly understand the motivation, and appreciate that some couples get a lot out of it, it’s never been my cup of tea. For one thing, I’m kind of a homebody who loves to cook. For another, crowds make me anxious. And third, I’m kind of, um, frugal.

However, Tuesday night rolled around and there was a vacancy on the weekly meal plan, so I suggested we go on an actual date. We mulled a few ideas, but quickly realized that awesome date ideas on a Tuesday night in Tallahassee are in rather short supply, especially for people who work.

So we winged it. As per usual.

First we went to our favorite sushi restaurant, Kitcho. The place was almost empty, which meant we got great service and no pressure. We shared the Special Killer and the Spider Roll. Because nothing says romance like a Special Killer.

photo 5

After fueling up for more date night awesomeness, we headed over to Lowe’s to pick up supplies to install shelving in our laundry room.

I know! Best date ever!

Lowe’s was also pretty desolate, so we spent about an hour wandering the aisles, getting ideas and making DIY plans.

photo 4

We’re currently storing all our laundry supplies on the windowsill in the laundry room, which is fine-but-not-great. I’d also like to move some of the cleaning products and supplies out from under the kitchen sink, as it’s getting kind of crowded under there.

Lowe’s had a good selection of brackets, but the shelf boards were kind of sad-looking. So we picked up a long 10″-wide board and will cut/sand/paint it.

photo 3

See the dowels? My idea is to thread them through the curlicues at the bottom of the brackets and use them to hang delicates. We’ll see how it goes.

Bonus: we found a gallon of mis-tint paint + primer, in the palest gray, for $5.00. Prepare to see a lot of pale gray in my future.

photo 2

I have also been on the hunt for buffet lamps for our dining room. The chandelier is awesome, but the light is a little…. harsh. And at night it can feel dim.

You’ll never guess what was on sale 50% off. Go ahead. Guess.

photo 1

You guessed right!




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2 responses to “Date Night

  1. Lowe’s and sushi?! That is the kind of “date night” that would right up my alley too!

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