WIWW: Winter Wonderland…..ish

What I Wore Wednesday: Keeping Me Out of Yoga Pants, One Week at a Time.

pleated poppy

Thursday was Moose Day, with an assist from Hollyn.


Friday I ended up having my own personal Gun Show at work, in which I lifted heavy boxes and totally cleaned out the filing room. Rawr. Ron did not help. Nor did he cheer for me from home.


Monday: Statement Necklace. I’m not sure what the statement IS, but it’s…. big.


Tuesday: I love this dress. I got it at the Ann Taylor outlet a couple of years ago, and it’s basically perfect. And I was complimented for pairing it with the teal wedges.


And today I felt like I woke up in Seattle, as it was chilly and rainy. Yes, those are the same cords I wore last Thursday. Oops.


Have a lovely week.



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5 responses to “WIWW: Winter Wonderland…..ish

  1. That Ann Taylor dress is so cute – it really fits you so well. And I love it with the teal wedges!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  2. I actually really like both monday’s statement necklace (maybe it’s saying “i can tow your car out of a ditch?) and especially the shirt – it has some great detailing!

  3. Robyn

    LOVE the Anne Taylor dress!

  4. Windy Taylor

    Thanks! A friend and I got the same dress on that outing, so every time I wear it I think of her. But not in a creepy way. Honest.

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