The Windy Seal of Approval (bark, bark, bark)

The last time my women’s circle met, one of the ladies sidled up to me and said, “I’m beginning to understand that if there’s some kind of gathering and you make food, it’s going to be good.”

What a compliment!

I’ve been pin-testing quite a few recipes over the last week, so I thought I’d share some of the more successful ventures.

On Thursday I made this Addictive Brussels Sprout Salad, and OH MYYYYY did it live up to its name.

I didn’t have walnuts, so I substituted pecans with no problem. The nuts and cheese give it enough substance so that a big portion would make a nice light lunch. I served it with salmon for dinner.

On Saturday night I made this Pulled Pork Pizza from Tasty Kitchen, which was also a rousing success. Even the children loved it. EVEN THE CHILDREN.

Jason and I wondered if we should saute the onions before throwing them on the pizza, but they were just perfect. The squeeze of lime and the chopped cilantro really made this amazing. Plus, we used the whole package of cotija cheese (probably 1.5 cups) because CHEESE.

And last night I tried Braised White Beans with Leeks. Another hit!

I don’t really do celery – not because I have an objection, just because I refuse to buy a bunch of celery and only use 1 or 2 stalks. I did not have Herbes de Provence, so I used rosemary. And I substituted chicken broth for the vegetable broth, because MEAT.

Tonight I’m going to try my hand at Dijon Chicken Linguine. Wish me luck!




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  1. Jason Taylor

    And I (her husband, Jason) am the incredibly blessed beneficiary of her amazing culinary abilities and incomparable creative streak!

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