WIWW: This is Ridiculous

The highs this week have been dangerously close to eighty degrees. Let’s just say I’ve been putting the “sweat” in “sweater.”

pleated poppy

This is distressing, because dressing for the season and dressing for the weather become almost mutually exclusive. I am somewhat old-school, in that I firmly believe 1) flip-flops should be put away after Halloween, and 2) leggings are not pants. But this week is breaking my resolve with respect to #1. My commitment to #2 shall NEVER BE BROKEN.

Thursday I had my short assistant take my picture. Bless his heart.

Khakis from Dockers, tank from loft, cardigan from J. Crew.


Monday I went simple. NOT LIKE THAT. Clothes from Loft, necklace from Brooks Brothers. Everything on sale.


Tuesday I once again kept things easy with a lace tee from Target and navy pants from Loft, and a flower pin made by a crazy Southern lady.


And today marks four straight workdays in which I avoided nudity:


Shirt from Loft, brown/gold tweed skirt from Target.

Have a lovely week!

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