WIWW: Tryptophan Coma

It’s all about accountability. I’ll never be a fashion icon, but hopefully someone, somewhere will say, “That Windy. She sure was…presentable.”

pleated poppy

Thursday was Thanksgiving! I was thankful that I’d done most of the prep work beforehand, and thoroughly enjoyed my day.

L to R: Hollyn, Jason, Jensen, My Mom, Me, Tyler. I wore a lace 3/4 sleeve tee from Target, black corduroys and necklace from Loft. I ate… all the things.

My mom stayed the whole weekend, and we watched: Football, portions of the James Bond Marathon, and the entire first season of Downton Abbey. It was great!

Monday it was right back to work:

Shirt and shoes from Target, cords from Loft.

Tuesday I tried to recycle my favorite summer knit dress for fall. Dress and cardigan from Loft, leggings from Old Navy, necklace from Etsy, chicken from Westside Foundry.

And today, this happened.

Pants, tee, and necklace by Loft, cardigan by Target. Everyone knows that there were foo dogs present at the birth of Jesus. Everyone.

Have a lovely week.


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2 responses to “WIWW: Tryptophan Coma

  1. I like that you just want to be “presentable”. lol. I feel like that most days too. That blue dress with the leggings looks gorgeous on you. Very, very nice. I also LOVE the orange chicken. I think I want one of those!


  2. Windy Taylor

    Thanks! The orange chicken is my spirit animal.

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