WIWW: Thanksgiving Eve

I almost forgot to post today because it’s Fake Friday. Oooops.

pleated poppy

Thursday my photographer took the day off, so I had to wing it. That’s a camel-and-white stripe cardigan from Loft, with a navy linen/cotton scarf.

Friday: I first tried this combination – gray stripe tee with gray dolman cardigan – on my trip, and even my mom complimented it. (Note: my mom could not care less about clothes, so this is a big deal.) For Friday, I added a denim skirt and purple flats.

Sunday Jason and I went to the Tallahassee Community Chorus’ performance of Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis, which was very good. Charcoal dress from Loft, cashmere cardigan from J.Crew, orange purse completely rad.

And Monday it was back to the grind, but only for three days! By about 11:00 a.m., I ditched the scarf and cardigan as the highs this week have been in the mid-70s.

Tuesday I entertained my co-workers with the walking-in-corduroys noise all day long.

And today I wore my Shirt of Bravery – bold color? Check. Horizontal stripes? Check check! The necklace features two Peruvian coins, both of which have llamas on them. LLAMA MONEY.

Have a lovely week!



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2 responses to “WIWW: Thanksgiving Eve

  1. Jamie

    You are already aware that your write up of the grey ensemble makes it sounds like its debut appearance did not involve pants, I hope.

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