WIWW Rides Again

I missed the last two WIWWs because I was traveling in South America. More on that later! For now, clothes!

pleated poppy

Last Thursday we were touring Lima, Peru. These are Ann Taylor Loft’s boyfriend jeans, which (until Sunday) were the closest approximation of skinny jeans I could wear.

Jeans and scarf: Ann Taylor/Loft
Flats and tee: Target

So what happened on Sunday? Well, on Sunday I discovered Loft’s oxymoronic “curvy straight” jeans, and angels sang, and it was very good.

Friday was spent on various airplanes, and the weekend was spent recovering, so I’ll throw in this bonus shot from last Wednesday:

My office does not observe Veteran’s Day, so Monday I was back at work:

Those are black boot-cut cords from Loft, a shirt from Target, a cowl made from baby alpaca that I bought in Peru, and octopus earrings from the Galapagos Islands. The reminders of my trip kept me from banging my face into my desk.


It’s a salute to fall! The textures: corduroy skirt, suede wedges. The colors: fall-ish yellow, bitter chocolate. Skirt from Old Navy, blouse from Loft, wedges from Target.

And today:

It’s a bat sweater! Hollyn, the 12-year-old, got the same one in purple. It looks SO GOOD on her. We’ve agreed not to wear them on the same days.

Have a lovely week! It’s so nice to be back!

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