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WIWW: Tryptophan Coma

It’s all about accountability. I’ll never be a fashion icon, but hopefully someone, somewhere will say, “That Windy. She sure was…presentable.”

pleated poppy

Thursday was Thanksgiving! I was thankful that I’d done most of the prep work beforehand, and thoroughly enjoyed my day.

L to R: Hollyn, Jason, Jensen, My Mom, Me, Tyler. I wore a lace 3/4 sleeve tee from Target, black corduroys and necklace from Loft. I ate… all the things.

My mom stayed the whole weekend, and we watched: Football, portions of the James Bond Marathon, and the entire first season of Downton Abbey. It was great!

Monday it was right back to work:

Shirt and shoes from Target, cords from Loft.

Tuesday I tried to recycle my favorite summer knit dress for fall. Dress and cardigan from Loft, leggings from Old Navy, necklace from Etsy, chicken from Westside Foundry.

And today, this happened.

Pants, tee, and necklace by Loft, cardigan by Target. Everyone knows that there were foo dogs present at the birth of Jesus. Everyone.

Have a lovely week.


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A Wreath of One’s Own

The first time I saw it, I knew it had to be mine.

I’m speaking, of course, of The Lima Bean Wreath.

I’m not sure why I was so drawn to it. Maybe because I knew it would look amazing against our black front door. The simplicity certainly appealed to me – I can’t tell you how many projects are billed as “easy and cheap” yet require you to have several hundred dollars’ worth of supplies “on hand.” Anyway, I was filled with burning lima bean conviction – I had to make it. I ran out of time in 2011, so I started early this year – in September, to be precise. I purchased a 16″ foam wreath form at Hobby Lobby (40% off) and two large bags o’ beans. Total cost: around $10.00. I already had a $5.00 glue gun and enough mini glue sticks to choke a goat.

My wreath form had squared-off edges, so before starting I asked Jason to round them a bit with his pocketknife. It took all of 5 minutes.

And one Sunday, while watching the Jacksonville Jaguars lose spectacularly to the Texans, I glued approximately a bajillion beans onto that wreath form. I started at kickoff:

By halftime, I was about 40% finished. Please note that Ron has moved to a chair on the other side of the room to continue his nap. This happened after the 54th time I accidentally touched the glue gun to my skin.

I completed the project around 5:00. For those of you playing along at home, that’s FOUR HOURS OF BEAN-GLUING.

Almost perfect. Since I was unable (ok, too lazy) to find a white wreath form, I pretty much guessed that I, like my All Things Thrifty predecessor, would be spray-painting this bad boy:

I had a can of antique white, and I applied two light coats. Frustratingly, the paint did not make it all the way to the green foam, but stuck to the beans.

Le sigh.

However, after extensive experimentation, I discovered that 1) you couldn’t tell from the street and 2) I didn’t actually care that much.

The wreath sat in my guest room until last night, when I finally hung it after mastering How To Tie A Bow:

My preeeeecioussssss.

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WIWW: Thanksgiving Eve

I almost forgot to post today because it’s Fake Friday. Oooops.

pleated poppy

Thursday my photographer took the day off, so I had to wing it. That’s a camel-and-white stripe cardigan from Loft, with a navy linen/cotton scarf.

Friday: I first tried this combination – gray stripe tee with gray dolman cardigan – on my trip, and even my mom complimented it. (Note: my mom could not care less about clothes, so this is a big deal.) For Friday, I added a denim skirt and purple flats.

Sunday Jason and I went to the Tallahassee Community Chorus’ performance of Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis, which was very good. Charcoal dress from Loft, cashmere cardigan from J.Crew, orange purse completely rad.

And Monday it was back to the grind, but only for three days! By about 11:00 a.m., I ditched the scarf and cardigan as the highs this week have been in the mid-70s.

Tuesday I entertained my co-workers with the walking-in-corduroys noise all day long.

And today I wore my Shirt of Bravery – bold color? Check. Horizontal stripes? Check check! The necklace features two Peruvian coins, both of which have llamas on them. LLAMA MONEY.

Have a lovely week!


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World Traveler

So, we went on this trip.

Let me say it better: My mother took Jason, me, and my brother on amazing, once-in-a-lifetime, blow-your-mind trip to visit the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu. She’s wanted to visit these places since she was a child, and since she retired earlier this year, she finally had the opportunity to go.

The trip was so big that I can’t fit it all in one post. So today I’ll go over the Ecuador portion, which should be a nice warm-up.

On October 26, we flew from Tampa to Miami to Quito, Ecuador.

Fun fact: Ecuador exports beautiful roses. They’re everywhere. Our tour guide told us, “It’s easy to be a gentleman here.”

Not-so-fun fact: It turns out I get altitude sickness. Quito’s elevation is about 9,000 feet, and I spent most of the first night painfully awake. Don’t worry, I rallied – I wasn’t about to let little things like a crippling migraine and nausea keep me from seeing the sights.

We visited the national cathedral, which is quite clever. Instead of standard gargoyles, they decorated with native animals.

Just outside of Quito is the Equatorial monument, which is conveniently located on the Equator.

That’s Jason in the Southern Hemisphere, me in the Northern Hemisphere. Special thanks to Daisy Duke, behind us, for appearing to balance on my head.

Fun fact: Ecuador and Peru have something like 2,000 varieties of potatoes, and over 200 varieties of corn. Clearly, these carb-lovers are my people. One of my favorite foods that I tried was a creamy corn soup topped with queso fresco and fresh avocado. I was too busy eating it to take a picture. I KNOW.

Not-so-fun fact: They also eat guinea pigs in South America. It’s called “cuy” (pronounced “quee,” as in “the sound guinea pigs make”), and it was on a disturbing number of menus during our trip. Our Peru tour guide assured us that they only eat cuy on special occasions – like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baptisms, etc. Now I don’t know about you, but “romantic anniversary dinner” and “roasted guinea pig” don’t really go together in my mind. But hey – when in Rome, right?

Note: I did not try the roasted guinea pig.

So that was Quito:

And that was just Saturday!

Next we flew to Baltra Island in the Galapagos, where our real adventures began…..




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WIWW Rides Again

I missed the last two WIWWs because I was traveling in South America. More on that later! For now, clothes!

pleated poppy

Last Thursday we were touring Lima, Peru. These are Ann Taylor Loft’s boyfriend jeans, which (until Sunday) were the closest approximation of skinny jeans I could wear.

Jeans and scarf: Ann Taylor/Loft
Flats and tee: Target

So what happened on Sunday? Well, on Sunday I discovered Loft’s oxymoronic “curvy straight” jeans, and angels sang, and it was very good.

Friday was spent on various airplanes, and the weekend was spent recovering, so I’ll throw in this bonus shot from last Wednesday:

My office does not observe Veteran’s Day, so Monday I was back at work:

Those are black boot-cut cords from Loft, a shirt from Target, a cowl made from baby alpaca that I bought in Peru, and octopus earrings from the Galapagos Islands. The reminders of my trip kept me from banging my face into my desk.


It’s a salute to fall! The textures: corduroy skirt, suede wedges. The colors: fall-ish yellow, bitter chocolate. Skirt from Old Navy, blouse from Loft, wedges from Target.

And today:

It’s a bat sweater! Hollyn, the 12-year-old, got the same one in purple. It looks SO GOOD on her. We’ve agreed not to wear them on the same days.

Have a lovely week! It’s so nice to be back!

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