In which we throw traditional third anniversary gifts right out the window.

Last week was our third anniversary. The traditional gift for this occasion is leather. The modern gift is crystal. I wish it was big metal chickens, but apparently we’ll have to wait 12 more years for that.

Saturday we took Tyler to Thomasville. The plan was to attend a wine and cheese tasting at the Sweet Grass Dairy store, and poke our collective nose in some antique stores. We admired the beautiful collection at C.H. Whitney, where Tyler fell in love with an ankle-length poncho made from a lynx. I kid you not. He begged for it, promised he would wear it all the time at home (but not at school) and he would love it and pet it and squeeze it and call it George. At $125, it was probably the cheapest thing in the store, a fact he pointed out every five minutes for the next 2 h0urs.

We ended up at Toscoga Market Place, at 209 S. Broad St., which does not have a web site but which you should totally visit because it is filled with amazing things at reasonable prices.

And you know how I feel about reasonable prices.

As we were walking across the parking lot to the front door, a trailer of new antiques was being unloaded at the back.

That’s when I saw it.

It was big. It was metal. It was the perfect third anniversary gift.

And for less than the price of a lynx poncho, it was ours.

As we walked back to the car, I envisioned hanging it above the sofa in the family room, or over the sideboard in the dining room, or even on the wall at the end of the long hallway.

Jason interrupted my daydreaming to inform me that it wouldn’t fit in the back of my CRV.


We hauled it back to the store and arranged to come back the next day (Sunday) to pick it up. This time, we brought the Volvo station wagon. Awwwww, yeah.

It still didn’t fit.

So we launched Plan C – a comforter and some clothesline.

We (slowly) made our way home, never topping 50 mph. That’s when we ran into a snag of epic proportions.

It turns out that the big metal wall hanging is 63 inches tall.  The space between the couch and the ceiling is 60 inches. Same thing for the chair rail in the dining room. Same thing for the width of the accent wall at the end of the hallway.

I was filled with fail.

We looked all over the house for a suitably large location, and I finally picked a spot in the front hall.

Jason was hesitant about the location at first, but it’s growing on him. I like it because I see it every time I walk from the bedrooms to the family room, and also it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door.

Nothing says “Welcome to our home” like a big metal wall hanging. Nothing. Except maybe a lynx poncho.







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3 responses to “In which we throw traditional third anniversary gifts right out the window.

  1. Robyn

    I love it!

    Also, I can’t even visualize what a lynx poncho looks like.

    • Windy Taylor

      It was kind of horrifying/amazing. Imagine an Old West/Old Mexican poncho, ankle-length. NOW IMAGINE IT IS MADE FROM A LYNX. I should have taken a picture.

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