The Truman Show

Once upon a time, there was a dog.

The dog was semi-nomadic, because his owners did not have a fenced yard and let him roam free. The dog did not like this arrangement, as he loved people and craved company. He showed up at a family’s house several miles from his home one day, and they called the owners to retrieve him. He showed up again two days later, and again, the family called the owners.

The dog kept showing up. But eventually the owners stopped coming to get him.

The family already had a dog, so they turned to their neighbor, who is involved in an animal rescue organization, for help.

It just so happens that the family belongs to Tyler’s best friend, and the neighbor’s husband is an attorney at the firm for which I work.

Initially, another lady at my office was going to foster the dog, but she was told he was a “beagle mix.” This woman is maybe five feet tall, and maybe 90 lbs. The dog weighs 70 lbs. and is two years old. It was, how you say, not a good fit. He lasted one night at her house.

They were desperate to find a temporary home for this dog.

I bet you can see where this is going.

He’s been with us for almost two weeks, and while I would like to say that everything’s been perfect, there’s always one problem.

Our problem is that the dog is FASCINATED OUT OF HIS MIND by the cat, and the cat HATES the dog.

It has been a daily uphill battle, but we’ve made progress. At first, the cat would flee and hide whenever the dog was in the house, and scream and hiss when the dog got within 5 feet.

We’ve now progressed to this.

For her part, Bailey (our older beagle) is thrilled.

Can’t you tell?

To be honest, I’m not sure at this point whether we’re fostering him or whether we’ve just gotten ourselves a new pet. Other than the cat, he’s a gentleman – he walks beautifully on a leash, knows some commands, and wants nothing more than to be where you are.

His “given” name is Cherokee, but he doesn’t answer to it. The rescue lady says this is a sign that his owners didn’t interact with him. We christened him Truman Capote, but instead of a raging cocaine problem he has a raging cat problem.

I suppose there are worse things. Unless you ask the cat.


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