WIWW: Not Quite Fall, Yet.

(Note: I’m still a bit blown away by the sweet, quasi-hijacked post from my husband this morning. But I get awkward when I’m emotional! So we’ll just play WIWW and I’ll go back to weeping happily at my desk!)

It is that frustrating time in Florida called Not Quite Fall, Yet. The rest of the country is already in jeans, enjoying cooler mornings and evenings, while we… are slogging through the last weeks of 90-degree temperatures. The kids still get in the pool every day, even as we turned the calendar over to October.

pleated poppy

Thursday I trusted my red pants to divert attention from my red, stuffy nose.

Friday I wore my favorite blue dress. I try to style it differently every time I wear it, and felt this was relatively successful.

Monday I dressed up a little, partly in atonement for my utter lack of trying last week.

And yesterday my photographer was out sick, so I had to resort to less conventional methods.

Incidentally, we’re also dogsitting a very fancy French Bulldog this week, who insists on running around the house with a deer antler stuck in his mouth like a cigar. This is way more interesting than my clothes.

Have a lovely week.



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2 responses to “WIWW: Not Quite Fall, Yet.

  1. Hia, Im popping by from What I Wore Wednesday as this french cutie caught my eye. 🙂 Im the owner of a French bulldog myself, a girl 2 years old and she acts the same way!!!, she cracks me up all the time, no wonder they are called clowns. 🙂

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