My Better Half

This post is not by Windy.  I (Jason) have hijacked her blog (with her permission, which may mean it is not actually hijacked) because I do not have a blog, but wanted, on our anniversary, to tell her some of my feeeeeelings in a permanent manner (on the internet, where nothing ever is gone).  So, please know it will be substandard in every way to Windy’s consistently exceptional posts.  Feel free to stop reading here and skip this one entirely if you do not want to later say “Well, Jason is not a writer.”

Gone yet?  No?  Alright, but you were warned

I hear the expression “my better half” every once in a while when a friend refers to his wife or her husband.  With our third anniversary approaching, I started to think about what it meant in terms of my relationship with Windy.  More often than not, it is used casually and that’s okay.  Sometimes it is said with some sarcasm, which is considerably less okay.  However, the more I thought about it, the more it meant to me in describing what Windy truly is.  The statement itself implies one whole from two dependent parts and that the person spoken of is objectively and generally more favorable than the speaker.  There is no better description of Windy.  While we cannot be together every minute, I know that in almost every situation, there is a void without Windy, be it an hour, a day, or (God forbid) a week.  I don’t weep continuously if she is not there, but her being there makes everything unequivocally better.  She improves me and our relationship so much more than 50% without even knowing it.  However, despite so obviously being the better half, she does not ridicule me or maliciously point out my faults (in fairness, my continued ignorance of them requires a occasional reminder).  So, my purpose in this post to tell her what I have been thinking about and how wonderful she is as we celebrate our marriage today and every day.

To my truly better half,

You are the part of my life that helps me to be better.  You inspire me just by my thinking about you.  You encourage me with a smile, a kiss, a hug, or even a look.  Everyday you bring fullness to my life that was absent before I met you.

I cannot imagine a better friend or partner.  In three short years, there have been lows that I never contemplated, but through it all, you and I worked in love for one another and with respect for one another that brought us through each of them and closer to each other.  Certainly, we are not done with some of those occurrences, but there is no person I would rather have as my partner than you to keep on going and face every trouble, known or not, and, eventually, laugh in its face.

Because of how you love me, I want you to always believe in me.  I want to improve myself as a person and as the man who loves you completely, to know you more each day and for you to feel that.  I don’t think it is possible for me to ever deserve the love you give me, but every day I want to try to show you how much love I feel for you and from you.

We have yet to experience a teenager, but we are close.  I am grateful for the help you given me in becoming a better parent.  Undoubtedly, there are single mothers and fathers out there who do a terrific job, but I am certain that your support and guidance have made me a better father.  I would not want to be without it as we try to raise our children to be who they want to be, but at the same time people who make the world around them better.

There is no way to adequately express how amazing you make my life and our relationship.  I cannot do it in one or a hundred blog posts or one, ten or fifty anniversaries.  I can and will every day be grateful for the blessings of your love, friendship and partnership in my life and try to express that gratefulness to you not just today or on anniversaries, but every day I am so fortunate to be your husband.

I love you.


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