Living Room Progress, and a Week-End Freak-Out

The subtitle for this living room re-do is, “WHY IS IT SO HARD TO MAKE DECISIONS????”

I finally got around to ordering fabric swatches for the living room, and they’re soooo preettttyyyy:

Of course, because I dragged my feet for so long, the light blue bird fabric is no longer available. CURSES. But you get the idea.

Anyhoo, while I’ve been scheming up ways to make my living room lovely and soothing and restful, I’ve been noticing the impending creep of accumulation in my house.

I like to think of it as a very, very mild form of post-traumatic stress disorder. But since the Fire and Great Displacement of 2011, Jason and I have a hard time getting rid of things. Thankfully, we purged a ton before we moved, and our house is more than twice as big as our old one, so it took a while for the house to feel cluttered.

But we’re starting to get there now. And it’s bothering me.

So yesterday I started with the laundry room. It’s a small room to begin with, so any clutter instantly overwhelms it. We straightened up, and in the process got rid of an old over-the-door ironing board and a leftover shelf from our pantry upgrade. Those two items took up a ton of space in the tiny room. Then Jason found a set of hooks to hang behind the door (“See? Glad I kept these!”) for the dust mop, Swiffer, and broom.

I no longer feel anxiety when I walk in there. Progress!



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One response to “Living Room Progress, and a Week-End Freak-Out

  1. I love your design ideas for the living room. The pair of blue ceramic lions is especially cool. I saw a very similar pair in Hong Kong recently, but I’m pretty sure they were ridiculously overpriced. Do you mind sharing how much you got them for? Best wishes and look forward to more of your inspiring design ideas.

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