WIWW: Labored, Eh?

Sneak Attack Wednesday – because I thought it was Tuesday until I arrived at work.

pleated poppy

Last Thursday I wore something that ended up looking way better than I thought it would. I took a simple black knit dress and added a dolman-sleeve pointelle cardigan (from Loft) and a sparkly gray pearl and purple bead necklace, with round-toe heels:

Friday was a bit more casual:

When I got home, Tyler instructed me to change into “casuals” and I informed him that I was plenty comfortable. “But those are WORK CLOTHES, mama,” he protested, “They CAN’T be comfortable.”

Oh, son.

After a delightful and busy three-day weekend, I went back to work yesterday in this:

And today I took it outside to enjoy the cooler morning temperatures (it was only 75 on my drive to work this morning! Delightful).

Have a lovely week.



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  1. I love the yellow cardi on you!

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