A Pinteresting Weekend

Over the weekend I used not one, not two, but THREE ideas from Pinterest and made them reality.

1. Handmade Cocktail Napkins

I am a huge proponent of napkins and coasters under glasses, so these were a no-brainer. Way back in December, I purchased a vintage sheet (and by “vintage” I mean “from Goodwill”) to use in Christmas projects, so this project was FREE.

Here’s the inspiration:

And here’s my version. I made four, but could only corral three this morning for picture time:

I couldn’t get my zigs to zag in a satisfactory manner, but I’m OK with that. Practice makes….better?

After a weekend of use, they are holding up great.

2. Tangy Tzatziki Pasta Salad

I have no pictures of my own version of this salad, because every time I got within 20 feet I abandoned all reason and dove into the bowl face-first. But here’s the pretty picture from Southern Living:

Mine looked almost just like that, except with a face print.

3. Home Remedy for Sore Throat

This was an unfortunate necessity this morning, as Jason woke up with a very sore throat and a lump of chest congestion. I had all of these ingredients on hand, so this was also a free project.

He says it tastes pretty good. I think I’ll add a splash of bourbon for a nighttime version.


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