WIWW: Impending Three Day Weekend

It’s almost September. Let me say that again. It’s. almost. September.

pleated poppy

Last Thursday I dressed in a hurricane palette, in honor of Isaac. This is 100% not true. I just like gray a lot.

Friday Tyler and I petted Barbara before school:

Monday I added a homemade belt to my red pants, with a tuxedo shirt:

Tuesday I wore wide horizontal stripes because I laugh at conventional wisdom:

And today I curled my hair. And also managed to put on clothes. Red letter day, I tell you.

Last night I put Essie’s “Turquoise and Caicos” on my toes for two pedicures in a row. This almost never happens, and it means I am smitten with this color.

Have a lovely week!



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2 responses to “WIWW: Impending Three Day Weekend

  1. Two, no three things…I love your red pants, I love your horizontal striped shirt (aren’t stripes so great? who cares if they are horizontal? or wide? :-), and I have wanted to try “turquoise and caicos” for months now. Think I’m too late? It sounds like such a summer shade. But that could be a good thing! So fun to find you on WIWW!

    • Windy Taylor

      It’s never too late for Turquoise and Caicos! I think it would be fun to pull off your boots and socks in the middle of winter and see that bright, happy color on your toes.

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