WIWW: Back to School

Sharpen your  #2 pencils and zip up your lunchbox, because school is officially underway here.

pleated poppy

Thursday I needed an outfit that would be comfortable at work, and then on a three-hour drive to Destin, where I joined Jason at a work conference:

Friday was a low-key day. (I was only borrowing Jason’s bow tie for this picture):

Saturday I made a new friend:

Monday was the first day of school. Tyler spent all of five seconds picking out an outfit. I am not responsible for those jean shorts.

While we were in Destin, we may or may not have made a field trip to the Loft outlet. The necklace in the picture above and the dress in the picture below were part of my haul:

Have a lovely week.


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  1. Hello! I always get excited when I get comments-you love my plaid dress lol:) I do too and I’m trying to convince my friend she really wants to just let me have it! I’m loving your dress too by the way! Great color!

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