WIWW: Monsoon Season

Welcome back to What I Wore Wednesday. Always bet on black, kids!

pleated poppy

So last Thursday I wore my gold medal of craftiness:

I really need to get a slightly longer chain for that.

Monday I tried to make my hair do something crazy – curl. I have split personality hair – the crown and front are perfectly straight, but the back is fuzzy/wavy. It’s always been easier to straighten the back, but I have really wanted loose, beachy curls this summer. So I obtained a cheap large-barrel curling iron and some strong-hold product and went to work.

This was before I shook my head out, but as you can see it was reasonably successful. However, the curl was mostly gone by lunch, even though I was super-careful not to touch my hair all day.

On Saturday, I took Tyler shopping for school supplies at Target (and spent a whopping $23!), and while we were there I perused the boys’ section to see if anything was on clearance. I found Tyler a pair of shorts and a button-down, and then I saw a rack of chambray shirts. I’ve wanted one for months, but could never find one in the women’s section. Curious, I tried on the boys’ shirt. It fit!

In fact, it may be a bit big. Hm. Anyway, I like it. And I resisted the urge to buy Tyler a twinsie shirt.


I tried to make one of these beautiful bracelets, and this was my first attempt. I simply stuck the rosettes on a strip of fabric with a snap. Now it’s a festive collar for Ron. (My second attempt, featuring 1/4″ wire, was much more successful.)


This morning I tried curling my hair again. This involved MOAR product and my old nemesis, hair spray.

Also a shirt dress. And a gray ruffled flower pin that I made.

Better, yes?

A bit?

Anyway. I probably need to spend more time practicing. But it’s a good start.

Have a lovely week!

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