And this is how the Internet works.

Every week on What I Wore Wednesday, I try to visit the blogs of at least three other WIWW participants.

Yesterday, I clicked on the link for Emily @ Anna Delores, because I loved the headband she was wearing in her thumbnail picture.

Adorable, yes? And similar to the one I made for Jensen’s birthday in February. Emily said that she’d bought the headband from Caroline at Sew Caroline, so I clicked on over there to see what SHE was wearing.

Oh, hello there, interesting necklace.

Caroline said she got the necklace from this Etsy seller, but I had a sneaking suspicion I could make something similar myself, using materials I had on hand.

So, while cheering on the Americans in swimming, beach volleyball, diving, and gymnastics, I made one for myself. I used leftover fabric from my homemade maxi dress, some felt for the backing, and a chain from another necklace.

It’s like my own personal gold medal of craftiness.

And that, my friends, is how you use the internet for good, and not evil.


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