Red Letter Day

Today is my mom’s last day of work. Ever. She’s retiring – work was getting in the way of her social life and organizational commitments. I’m really happy for her – she’s always had an incredible work ethic, and she has definitely earned her retirement.

And tomorrow is Tyler’s ninth birthday. Technically. He was born at 12 minutes after midnight on August 1, so I always remember this day as my own personal Labor Day.

The Polaroid on the right is the first picture of Tyler – I think one of the nurses snapped it (because really, who brings a Polaroid camera to a delivery in 2003?). I like Tyler’s ninja spaghetti arms.

The photo on the left was taken this spring. I keep it on my bedside table.

Everyone says that a baby will change your life, but SERIOUSLY, Tyler has changed me. Before I had him I was, like most 20somethings, quite self-centered and lazy. Taking care of him taught me discipline, but also to be more laid-back about things I can’t control. And now I have this awesome child, who astounds me daily with the way he sees the world, who makes me laugh every single day, and who still likes to snuggle with his mama.

Nine years. I am so lucky.

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