WIWW: The Sweaty Trudge to August

Today is my friend Amy’s birthday. Amy always looks polished and adorable, and I wish she would play WIWW with us. Happy Birthday, Amy!

pleated poppy

Thursday I wore my homemade dress, which I still love. I made another one first (gray and aqua), and it’s currently on my cutting table. I’m going to shorten the bodice and make it knee-length. Anyway.

Friday: I have had this necklace for years, but never wear it because 1) it sits very high off my chest, thanks to the beaded sphere part, and 2) the dangly bits at the end hand just a touch too low to be worn with any of my shirts. So I took the chain off another necklace and attached it to either end of this green necklace, and voila! Long necklace. I was quite happy with the result, and may try it next time with a pretty ribbon.

Monday I was tired, so I stuck with something relatively safe, but colorful. This is the day I wore my handmade headband, too.

And Tuesday I wore one of my favorite dresses:

Be excellent to each other.



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3 responses to “WIWW: The Sweaty Trudge to August

  1. Oh my goodness!! That adorable homemade dress! If you ever wanted to make me one, I wouldn’t complain at all. lol I’m just kidding. I really need to buy myself a sewing machine and figure out how to do super cool stuff like that!

  2. Kris

    Love the wet hair look!

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