Adventure Time

Tyler spent this week at Camp Montgomery in Starke, Florida. I went there when I was a kid, and my mom went there when she was a kid. It’s a real summer camp, filled with sailing and water-skiing and swimming and archery and a ropes course and NO PHONE CALLS.

I have not heard my Bear’s voice since Sunday. That’s the longest radio silence of his entire life.

Heewww, heeewwww, heewwww (deep breathing)

Unlike when I was a kid, the camp directors take photographs all day, and post them to the internet at night, so I can confirm that yes, Tyler was alive at (checks time stamp) 7:32 p.m. on Wednesday. And again at….. 9:44 on Thursday morning, etc.

Sunday morning, before we left, Tyler got a little anxious about the impending separation. He was very quiet for  most of the drive, his head buried in a book. He would ask occasional questions, like whether the cabins would be like our house, or more like a hotel (snort). I spent the entire drive back worried that he would be homesick for the first 48 hours. I knew that eventually he’d relax and have fun, but you never want your kid to be sad or lonely, you know?

I shouldn’t have worried.

This photo was from Sunday night. That’s Tyler in the middle, looking happy as a clam.

Each morning, when I would check for the previous day’s pictures, I would glimpse him – sometimes I would just see the curve of a cheek, or a flash of his favorite hat, or even a hand. But I could always pick him out.

It’s like “Where’s Waldo?”, but for parents.

I told him before I left that his job for the week was to make new friends and try new things. He succeeded on both counts, it seems.

This is one of Tyler’s cabinmates. He has drag0n-and-wizard bedsheets, which increases his awesome factor by…a lot.

Tyler (apparently) tried kayaking. My risk-averse child! In a boat! By himself! There were also pictures of him sailing. Sailing!

And canoeing! With a GIRL!

I can’t wait to pick him up this afternoon and hear all the stories that go with these pictures. And wash that bathing suit.


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