Quick Trip: Boston

Last weekend Jason and I traveled to Boston for my college friend Sarah’s wedding. We arrived Friday night and left Sunday morning, and didn’t really sit still in between.

Friday night we met the happy couple and all their friends at the Meadhall next to the hotel. The Meadhall featured about a bajillion types of beer and mead, and also specialty cocktails like “the Commonwealth,” a mixture of gin, bitters, and lemon juice. This got two thumbs up from me and my Texan friend Adriane.

Saturday morning we hit the ground running with a quick breakfast and then the Freedom Trail.

First stop: Boston Common and the Massachusetts State House. I previously got a wonderful tour of the State House from my friend Tory’s boyfriend, during which I personally saw both the Sacred Cod and the Holy Mackerel.

After that we wandered up to the Granary Burial Grounds, where we saw the grave of the Boston Massacre victims.

By then it was almost lunchtime, and we met more college friends for a picnic lunch on Boston Common, at the Frog Pond. The Frog Pond is an artificial pond that is quite big, but very shallow, and extremely popular with the 4-foot-and-under set.

Steve and Molly brought an outstanding variety of sandwiches from Cutty’s in Brookline, including such creations as a “spuckie,” (regular and eggplant), a roast pork and broccoli rabe, and a roast beef. Everything was very tasty, and they also let us play with their baby. This is what is known as a “win-win situation.”

When naptime loomed for the baby and their 2-year-old, we continued along the Freedom Trail towards the Old North Church…. with one Very Important Stop along the way.

Mike’s Pastry makes cannoli that are 1) almost as big as your head and 2) life-alteringly good. I had my first one in May, at Reunion, and could not wait to let Jason experience the pastry-cream-goodness of it all.

Last time I had the Hazelnut, and this time I tried Pistachio. Jason went with a plain one, just to establish a baseline for future trips. And lo, he was impressed, and lo, we were happy campers.

But we didn’t go to Boston for cannoli. We went for a wedding! So at 3:00 we returned to the hotel so I could “help” Sarah get ready. Since I am mostly worthless at hair and makeup, my “helping” consisted of cheering and refilling champagne glasses.

I do love being helpful.

From left: Sarah (the bride! so pretty!), Amy (the officiant! so pretty!), and Tory (she made that dress! so pretty!).

The wedding was moved indoors at the last minute due to Apocalypic-level thunderstorms, but Sarah and Randy were unruffled. Amy’s ceremony lasted a record-setting seven minutes, yet felt complete and lovely and perfectly appropriate.

Then it was time for cocktails and cheese before the dinner and dancing. And then a bit of sleep before heading out to the airport Sunday morning.

We had a fantastic time, and I am so, so happy for Sarah and Randy. Congratulations, guys!


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