WIWW: This week’s theme is pirates.

I wish.

pleated poppy

Friday was most definitely a purple Converse kind of day.

I spent most of the weekend by the pool, and you are NOT getting pictures of that. Save your whale watching for some other time.

Monday I busted out the red pants again, but used a different white top (tee v. button-down) and different accessories. Oh and the Vulcan salute, because we got “Star Trek” on Netflix and the kids watched it SEVERAL times.

Live long and prosper, y’all.

Tuesday I was a gray lady:

And today I tried something a bit different. I’m not sure I love the results, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway.

I think somewhere between the shoes and the cropped cardigan, I went astray. Ah, well. It’s just clothes.



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5 responses to “WIWW: This week’s theme is pirates.

  1. Awesome outfits! We’re scarily into Star Trek too C:

    • Windy Taylor

      The kids randomly shout lines at each other. “I’ll do it in three!” or “Your father was captain of a starship for twelve minutes!” or something equally non-sequitur-ish. Hilarious.

  2. LOVE that maxi dress! Very nice.

    Oh, and happy to be of service today! I loved your comment on the old blog. Class of 93 rocked!

  3. Purple Converse rock and I love the maxi dress!

    I think the skirt, belt, and shoes totally worked on the last outfit. A longer cardi or a just the t-shirt would have given it a more balanced look. You still looked super cute, though!

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